What is BNB Coin

What is BNB Coin

What İs BNB Coin

Binance Coin, abbreviated as BNB Coin, is the digital currency created by Binance, one of the largest crypto currency exchanges. Binance’s BNB Coin has gained a good momentum thanks to Binance’s trading volume. For this reason, Binance Coin is expected to come to much better places in the future.

Binance Coin is a digital coin produced by Binance, which is at the top of the giant crypto currency exchanges, as we explained above. For Binance Coin, Binance users have certain discount opportunities. Binance Coin offers a 50% discount on transaction fees, 25% on the second year, 12.5% on the third year and 6.75% on the fourth year.

The purpose of these discounts is to direct users to the use of BNB Coins.

In addition, Binance allows the exchange of Binance Coin pairs and various crypto currencies on the crypto currency exchange, but there is no fiat currency trading. It also accepts Binance Coin for all other transactions, such as token lists and shooting operations created on the Binance platform. Binance also has its own ICO regulatory platform.

Why Binance Coin (BNB)?

Binance Coin is preferred mainly because it gives quite an advantage in the Binance stock exchange. With Binance Coin, you pay much lower transaction fees for every transaction you make at Binance. For example, assuming you are trading on the stock exchange, you will have to pay x unit transaction fee if you don’t have a BNB Coin.

However, if you have Binance Coin in your account, your Binance Coin, which is half of the transaction fee, will be used for your transaction. To take advantage of BNB Coin, ofcourse you need to have BNB Coin in your Binance account.

Another reason to choose BNB Coins is that when you invest in BNB Coins, instead of alternative crypto currencies like altcoins, developments in the Stock Exchange are also positively reflected in the Binance Coin, which can result in a chance for your investments to be profitable.

Number of BNB Coins

When Binance Coin first entered the market, the number of tokens was set at 200 million. Half of the 200 million tokens were sold at Binance ICO. 40% of these tokens are sold to the Binance team. The other 10% is found in angel investors. During this period, certain investors had received a high amount of Binance Coins. Roger Ver, one of the famous investors, was among them

Buy BNB Coin with Cointral

With Cointral, you can purchase BNB Coins with cash. With Cointral you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and more than 1200 crypto currencies via cash.

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