What is Dogecoin? How to Buy it

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What is Dogecoin? How to Buy it

Dogecoin is known as a humorous coin in the world of crypto money due to its emergence. Produced for humor purposes on a website, Dogecoin has become one of the most demanded crypto currencies in the sector in a short period of time. Through DOGE, people unfamiliar with the cryptocurrency world have begun to show an interest in Bitcoin and altcoins. In this article we will give you information about Dogecoin. Have a pleasant reading.

Where is“Doge” Originated from?

The word’ Dog ’is known to have arisen as a result of humorous misuse. According to the claims of users discussing this issue on the Internet, it was part of a puppet show called “Homestar Runner” in 2005.

How Dogecoin Appeared

Dogecoin, known for its similarity to Litecoin from crypto coins, has included the “Shiba Inu” breed dog on its logo. Billy Markus, who designed Dogecoin, has talked about this project in Doge conversations, aiming to make people interested in the cryptocurrency. DOGE, which surpassed this target, once found itself in the top 20 in the cryptocurrency sector.

How Much Is Dogecoin?

As of 18.10.2019, Dogecoin is worth $0.002765. It is traded at ₺0.0161. The daily trading volume of Dogecoin is ₺396.856.146 and its market value is ₺ 1.951.337.587.

How to Buy Dogecoin

The best answer to this question is through Cointral. With Cointral you can trade with your credit card at online.cointral.com quickly and safely. Another procurement method is through our Cointral branch with the assistance of our staff that provides face to face support. With Cointral you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero and more than 1200 crypto coins, as well as exchange.

DOGE and Production Limit

Dogecoin’s block times are designed as 1 minute. One of the most attractive aspects of Dogecoin is its unlimited production. Since its launch, DOGE has placed great importance on mining. Nowadays, you need to consider the huge costs for Bitcoin mining. The time is also a major factor. However, with DOGE, you can extract hundreds or even thousands of Doge from mining with normal devices at work and at home.

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