What is IOTA?

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What is IOTA?

IOTA is created as a cryptocurrency based on the term Internet of Things. It promises to be a solution to the problems arising from Blockchain technology and offers a technology that is integrated into the future.

The success of Bitcoin’s appreciation in a very short time has proven to be the successful implementation of the Blockchain infrastructure. However, the Blockchain infrastructure has been confirmed to cause many problems for cryptocurrencies on the market.

One of the most important problems identified is the problem of receiving the same amount of transaction fee on an ongoing basis even if the scale of the transaction amount is more or less.

Features of IOTA

As the growth of the Internet of Things continues, the importance of the use of parties and the equal distribution of resources has increased. With these infrastructure services provided by Blockchain technology, it is impossible to completely remove the fees charged for transactions or to reduce them. Because of this, some problems occur.

IOTA has an innovative structure that provides solutions to the problems arising from Blockchain technology. The underlying technology of these IOTA services is the so-called ’Tangle’. One of the most important features of IOTA is the ability to transfer data with Tangle technology.

How Much is IOTA?

As of 20.10.2019, IOTA is traded at ₺1,58. The market value of IOTA, whose daily volume is ₺16.156.699 TRY, is determined as ₺4.394.926.924.

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