What is Masternode?

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What is Masternode?

What is Masternode?

Masternode is a network user who keeps a full copy of Blockchain in real time. It works continuously. Masternodes operate more effectively than normal nodes. They increase transaction confidentiality and enable instant transactions. Systems that store all the blocks of Blockchain, which can synchronize the new blocks that are dissolved and join the chain, and share the blocks they include with their different peers in the network are called full nodes.

Full nodes that allow users to use certain top-level functions are called masternode. To put it simply, Masternodes are servers in decentralized networks. Unlike other standard full nodes, masternodes have special functions. These functions are unique functions such as instant transfer, special form transfer and direct transfer.

Each Blockchain has its own masternodes with various features, advantages and disadvantages. From this perspective, the masternodes of two different blockchains cannot be alike, and each system approaches the masternode differently. Another issue is the state of confusion. Most new users compare crypto currency mining and masternodes to each other. But both are completely different.

Difference between Mining and Masternode

In particular Blockchains, complete nodes are used to verify transfer operations, whereas in Bitcoin, in block chains where processors provide a high degree of energy, complete nodes are only responsible for synchronizing the blockchain. That’s why Masternodes are used in Blockchains where Proof of Stake is preferred.

We have mentioned above that Masternodes have more specific capabilities compared to normal full nodes. They have to fulfill the requirements and to keep a limited number of crypto assets in the wallet. Obviously, these requirements are not a problem for Masternode operators. Because, knowing that they will get more shares from the block reward with more investment increases their willingness to invest. Although it varies from network to network, in general Masternode opeartors can have the chance to win one or more rewards per day.

One of the most popular Masternode-operated blockchains, the masternodes in the Dash network are involved in performing InstantSend and PrivateSend transfers to the Dash network.

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