What is Merkle Tree?

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What is Merkle Tree?

In the Merkle Tree concept, which is used in cryptography and computer sciences, blocks that are arranged downward similar to the pedigree have the cryptographic summary value of the blocks below. The Merkle tree ensures efficient and secure verification of large data structures.

Merkle trees, also known as hash trees, can be used to verify all data that can be moved between computers. The basic use of Merkle trees today is to check that the data blocks from a peer-to-peer network are retrieved flawlessly and originally, and that even other peers on the network do not send false content blocks. It makes recommendations for the use of Merkle trees in reliable data processing systems. The Merkle tree is also used for hash encryption.

Merkle Trees are generally binary in practice. (Each node has two subnodes before it) However, plural subnodes can be used before each node itself.

In general, a cryptographic hash function such as SHA-256 is used for hashing. A more standard application, such as CRCs, is used if Merkle trees need protection against unintentional damage only.

When a file is downloaded on a peer to peer (p2p) network, it is often the most efficient hash from a reliable source, for example, from a website that recommends the files to be downloaded.

If the parent hash exists, the Merkle tree can be used from an unsecure source, like any peer on the p2p network. The received hash tree is then compared to the highly secure top hash. If the hash tree is fake or damaged, the program will continue to find a different Merkle Tree until it matches the best hash.


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