What is NANO Coin?

Cointral Marketing Manager
What is NANO Coin?

Nano Coin (formerly RaiBlocks) is a decentralized, sustainable and secure cryptocurrency that aims to reduce inefficiencies in existing cryptocurrencies.

Designed to provide a solution to peer-to-peer value transfer, Nano aims to revolutionize the world economy through an ultra-fast, free and decentralized network that is open and accessible to everyone.

Nano’s efficient and lightweight nature allows anyone, including individuals in developing countries, to easily participate in local and global economies with low entry barriers.

The speed of nanoscale transactions is beneficial in a wide range of financial applications. With a fully distributed supply, connectivity possibilities such as foreign exchange transactions and fast cross-border transfers can be safely realized over a decentralized network.

How does NANO work?

First of all, we need to look at the history of NANO. It was founded by Colin LeMahieu in 2015 with the name RaiBlocks. The platform, which was later called NANO, is a payment platform with minimum transaction times. NANO is an extremely suitable platform for peer-to-peer transactions. It provides three important advantages for cryptocurrency users. These advantages are “Instant Operations”, “Zero Cost” and “Infinite Scalability ”.

Instant processing: One of the first features of NANO is the instant execution of transactions. Thus, you can easily use Nano regardless of the size of the process in daily life.

Zero cost: You don’t have to pay any transaction fees when you make any transactions on the Nano platform.

Infinite scalability: One of Bitcoin’s biggest problems is the scalability problem. Thanks to NANO’s ability to process 1000 times faster, you do not have to wait long for your transactions.


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