What is Ontology Coin (ONT)?

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What is Ontology Coin (ONT)?

By integrating Blockchain technology into the project, Ontology promises commercial organizations a secure, high-performance and distributed system. It is evident that companies in different sectors cannot take the first step because of the lack of knowledge about Blockchain and the dilemmas of how to start. For these reasons, the Ontology project seeks a Blockchain solution that includes a business goal for companies. The Ontology team takes great steps towards addressing the needs of various businesses by operating Blockchain technology in different ways.  To learn more about Ontology Coin, you can visit their website. “Ontology”

Ontology’s Blockchain Services

Among the services provided by Ontology in the Blockchain network are features such as data exchange and connectivity, as well as the highest level of data compatibility. In addition, authentication is available. Nowadays, Blockchain technology is not a system that businesses will adapt to immediately.

Therefore, we can say that Blockchain has not become widespread in the business world. This is triggered by the fact that company policies do not favor open source systems. Ontology, on the other hand, helps hesitant companies adapt to Blockchain.

NEO and Ontology Relationship

Ontology and NEO, Blockchain are projects created by Onchain, a financial technology company. As mentioned in our previous articles, NEO is a project aiming at saving concrete data ​​to Blockchain.

Even though ONT and NEO are decentralized applications, they can be considered as a more specific Blockchain due to Ontology Blockchain’s goal of finding solutions suitable for business life. Ontology Blockchain also works as open source, but private data is only under user control.

Buy Ontology Coin (ONT)

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