What is Tron (TRX)?

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What is Tron (TRX)?

Tron, also known as TRX, is in general in a different line from other coins. Tron coin lovers and critics are in a big conflict. Tron lovers call this coin the new Bitcoin, while critics thinks that it is exaggerated.

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What is Tron?

To put it simply, Tron can be said to be an “entertainment” space for the decentralized innovation. The main purpose of this platform is that users who prefer the platform can easily share their content with another person, regardless of their location.

Tron uses Blockchain technology to manage these shares. In Tron, you can produce in-platform tokens just as you would in Ethereum. Tron’s own website has a comparison with Ethereum and Bitcoin. Accordingly, Tron performs 2000 transactions per second, while Ethereum can only perform 25 transactions.

What about Tron?

Tron’s main goal is to create a free entertainment content ecosystem worldwide. The platform plans to eliminate all the revenue into the hands of the content producer.

For example, a Tron network user produced a video. The user can upload this directly to the Tron blockchain and gain some money according to the video views, likes or dislikes. The content producer gets all the money he earns without being at the mercy of a brokerage house like YouTube.

The aim of the platform is to give the Tron community the task of determining the success of a video. This eliminates malicious content and eliminates corporate control and censorship.

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