1 ETC to USD

As in other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum Classic price changes all the time. As of the time of publication, 1 ETC is at $9.03. While the maximum supply of Ethereum Classic is 210,000,000 ETC, the circulating supply is 116,313,399 ETC. Reaching its highest level on December 21, 2017, Ethereum Classic was trading at $47.77, and at ₺281.77. Ranking 14th in terms of market value, Ethereum Classic’s features are given below.

What is Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the name given to the updated version of the original cryptocurrency after the hard fork transaction that took place on the Ethereum network in 2016. After the attack on the Ethereum network, the DAO community was divided into two. DAO organizations work with blockchain technology and are based on the codes used on this technology.

We have listed the differences between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum which are frequently confused with Ethereum:

Both cryptocurrencies work on different networks.

ETH and ETC operate on the same network, but development teams are different.

These two cryptocurrencies go through different updates and different improvements.

Although ETC and ETH are two separate cryptocurrencies, however, they can be stored in the same wallet.

When we look at the block reward issue, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) has set this reward as 4 ETC, while the block reward is set as 3 ETH in Ethereum.

How to Buy Ethereum Classic?

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