BlockSeer’s task is to establish a unified transparency foundation for the publicly traded Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology with the potential to provide many valuable new services that are completely reliable. BlockSeer aims to reduce the level of disorder and chaos and increase the level of information and analysis of the publicly accessible blockchain network by ensuring the transparency of the Bitcoin blockchain and its participants.

Blockseer allows you to create custom tags and graphics. You can share custom jobs with other users. It also allows you to import and export data from a variety of views, including all addresses, operations, and labels in a chart.

Easy tracking for your Bitcoin payments!

BlockSeer makes it easier for you to review your Bitcoin transactions on Blockchain forward and backward and allows you to follow trends more clearly and healthily with graphical activities. BlockSeer defines Bitcoin addresses and address sets. You can also add your own notes to your charts and share your analysis with others so that you can see your analysis with others and collaborate between you.

Can I trust the business or person I send Bitcoin to?

Because there is no way to reverse a Bitcoin transaction, it is very important that you trust the people or entities you send Bitcoin to. BlockSeer allows you to search Bitcoin addresses, determine the source of Bitcoin for each transaction you perform, and see the effectiveness of the transactions.

How to use BlockSeer for business applications

Businesses and individuals can use Blockseer to find out the validity of the cryptocurrency wallet they send. Features such as business intelligence, anti-money laundering. Institutional protection procedures.

Qualitative analysis and academic research to increase market share are now available in very few applications.

Blookseer’s amenities

• Allows you to create custom labels and graphics. This makes it easier to read graphics and control your past movements. You can share your private transactions with other corporate users.

• Allows you to access a larger list of labels. And clusters and additional views and graphs that analyze data

Including detailed relationships between addresses.

• Import and export data in a variety of views, including all addresses, operations, and labels in the chart.

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