Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

How to Buy Cryptocurrencies with Credit Card?

First of all, https://online.cointral.com/ you need to visit our page. You can click the link directly or you can access the relevant page by using the blue Go-Online button on the home page. We designed your credit card Bitcoin purchase as easy as possible for you to save time and effort.

After you share with us the quantity and the type of cryptocurrency you want to buy, we offer you a quote immediately. Then, fill in the wallet address. The wallet address of each cryptocurrency is different. Therefore, you need to check the wallet address of the currency and fill it in correctly in the relevant field.

After sharing your wallet with us, please enter your credit card information accurately on the form presented to you. (So we can get to know you better with your card details.)

Following the transaction, the cardholder must complete the KYC process by completing the required identification information. In order to have a smooth process, the cardholder and the credentials of the person must be identical.

Complete the 3D security process of your bank after entering the correct information. After this, your cryptocurrency appears in your account within 10 to 30 minutes depending on the transaction volume of the cryptocurrency you purchase! Congratulations, you have successfully processed the cryptocurrency.

Is it safe to exchange Bitcoin and another cryptocurrency with your credit card?

Shopping with a credit card is undoubtedly what everyone does with pleasure and makes it a habit. The importance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our daily lives has increased every day. The fact that time is very valuable in the rapidly changing market has led to the need for faster and easier access to cryptocurrencies. One of the most appropriate solutions for this is credit card crypto purchase. So, is it safe to buy cryptocurrencies by credit card? Or rather, what should we pay attention to when buying cryptocurrencies with a credit card?

1-Stay away from sites that do not have SSL certificates:

Sites that do not have SSL certificates are not considered secure. It is not recommended to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with credit cards from such sites. The reason for this is the possibility of exposition to phishing scams.

2-Secure shopping with 3D Secure

While paying with 3D Secure for credit card security in online purchases, 3D Secure payment screen is displayed on the user’s screen.

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