How Much is 1 Bitcoin?

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How Much is 1 Bitcoin?

On the date of publication of this article, 1 Bitcoin is traded at ₺ 50,793.47. In USD, 1 Bitcoin is traded $8,640.08. Prices differ instantly in various stock exchanges.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created ever. Thanks to its safety and decentralization, it is used in a highly resistant system. Bitcoin is defined as the digital currency that operates in a distributed system (peer-to-peer). The unit of Bitcoin is BTC.

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How to Buy Bitcoin

With Cointral, you can purchase Bitcoin in two ways. Firstly, you can buy Bitcoin by visiting Cointral branches. You can also learn everything about cryptocurrencies at our branches. Another way is to go on online.cointral.com and make your bitcoin transactions with your credit card. Just click on the “Bitcoin” link for the visual narration.

History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has grown exponentially since its emergence in 2009 and has attracted attention from all audiences in almost all countries. Bitcoin, whose operation has been increasing each year, has made great contributions to digital life. Contributing to economy and technological developments thanks to the blockchain technology, it seems that it will play a much more impressive role in the future.

While 10.000 BTC was paid for 2 pizzas exactly 10 years ago, 1 Bitcoin nowadays corresponds to $8,844. So this amount equals to ₺52,000. Bitcoin, which attracted attention from all over the world after seeing $20.000 in 2017, is now almost everywhere in our lives. Bitcoin ATMs and the number of transfers made with Bitcoin is increasing day by day. For more, you can browse Cointral news page to follow the current news.

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