How much is 1 XRP in TL?

The answer to this question changes every moment. The price of XRP, not being a stablecoin like Tether (USDT), can vary in different exchanges hour to hour since it is not fixed to USD. At the time of publication of this article, 1 XRP is traded at $0,232586. In Turkish Lira, 1 XRP corresponds to ₺1.37. If you want to see more detailed XRP live price charts and tables, you can become a member of Cointal Exchange, where high liquidity from international markets and the lowest commission rates in Turkey are offered, to perform your transactions. In Turkish lira, the market value of XRP is at ₺59.869.659.657. XRP was traded at ₺22.65 in January 2018, its highest price yet in TL.

History of Ripple

Ryan Fugger, who first introduced Ripple, started with this idea in 2004 and presented his prototype to be developed as a digital monetary system, RipplePay. In 2005, the system started its operations to offer high-level secure payment methods within a global network.

In 2012, Ryan Fugger decides to transfer the project. Fugger handed over the project to the duo Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. Following the handover, this pair decides to establish OpenCoin, a US-based technology company.

These developments have been a turning point for Ripple. Depending on the banks and financial institutions, the development phase has been initiated for a payment method protocol. In 2013, the brand launched with the name Ripple Labs and decided to continue as Ripple in 2015.

How to Buy XRP

There are many methods to purchase XRP. If you want to buy XRP with Cointral, you can buy it at Cointral branches via cash or with your credit card online at cointral.com. You can get more information by clicking this guide “Ripple” on how to buy with a credit card. With the XRPs you purchase, you can carry out transactions with high security measures on Cointral, where the lowest commission rates in Turkey are offered.

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