How to Dash

How to Dash

With its decentralized structure, Dash is an autonomous organization that offers opportunities such as anonymity, speed, trust and low transaction fees. If you want to learn more about Dash, see our articles “What is Dash” and “Buy Dash” or visit our blog. We have prepared a simple visual guide for you, our valued visitors, to perform your Dash trading through Cointral.

How to Buy Dash

In order to purchase Dash, you have to complete certain steps through Cointral. Here are the steps:

You must first click the “Online Transactions” tab in the top right corner of cointral.com. You should then select one of the options to purchase crypto currency or purchase crypto coins with a credit card. You must determine the amount you’ll buy and enter your Dash address in the related section.

When you decide on the amount, you should fill the credit card information and billing information correctly in the relevant boxes as the second step. In the “Personal Details” section, your e-mail, phone number and date of birth must be filled in completely and the privacy policy and user agreement box must be confirmed. Then you can continue by clicking Pay Now.

Then you will reach the confirmation step. After you confirm the verification code sent to your e-mail, you will pass the two-stage confirmation system successfully by typing the code that you received on your phone number in the corresponding box.

When the phone number and e-mail address you provided are confirmed in the system, you can proceed to the next step by saying continue.

In this step, you are asked to attach a photo of your Passport, ID or Driver’s license. However, you must pay attention to three criteria when uploading the photo.

1.         All four corners of the photo should be visible.

2.         The information in the photo should be readable.

3.         Flash photos should not be uploaded.

Please fill in your name / surname, date of birth, gender, province, identity number and validity date of your identity number and attach your photo with the above mentioned criteria. You can then upload your attached file by typing your address information.

Congratulations! you have fulfilled all the steps requested correctly. At this stage, your Dash purchase transaction has been transferred to our system.

That’s it!

A little warning!

The values ​​we show you in stages are completely representative. Disregard the values ​​shown in the relevant steps.

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