4 Steps to Increase the Security of Your Cointral Account

Burak Özcan İçerik Editörü
4 Steps to Increase the Security of Your Cointral Account

As important as security is for cryptocurrency users, it is also one of the top priorities of Cointral. As Cointral, we are working to keep the security of your account at the highest level. In addition, you, our valuable users, can increase the security of your Cointral accounts by performing the following steps. In this article, we will tell you about the simple security measures you can take.

In order not to be the target of cyber-attacks, the invaluable steps below will benefit you. As the crypto money industry develops, the search for a safe environment naturally increases. So how can you increase the security of your Cointral account? Here are 4 steps to increase the security of your Cointral account!

1. Create your password with strong characters. Change your password regularly.

The first is to secure your account with a strong password. Although creating a password is easy, passwords that can be easily guessed are not very safe for the security of your account. Therefore, you should create your password with a minimum of eight characters consisting of numbers, special characters, and both upper and lower case letters. In addition to creating a strong password, you should not use a password for a long period of time. We recommend that you change your password regularly against cyber-attacks and other threats.

This is a security measure that you should do not only in your Cointral account but also in your email and other accounts. We would like you to know that when you change the password of your Cointral account, you will not be able to withdraw for 24 hours.

2. Remember to Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Step Verification (2FA), a security application that we strongly recommend you to do after creating your Cointral account, has an important place in terms of security steps. There are steps such as Google Authenticator and SMS Verification in 2FA in your Cointral account. By enabling these two steps, you can get a high level of security.

Although SMS Verification is easy-to-use, it remains inadequate in comparison to Google Authenticator. Many popular names were targeted by attackers because of a threat such as Sim Card exchange.

3. Check the List of Devices Having Access to Your Cointral Account

You can access the list of devices that log into your Cointral account from the Account Activities section. After logging into your Cointral account, you can view this list by clicking the “Account

Activities” button under “My Account” tab. If you see a login from a device that is unfamiliar to you or you have not used for a long time, you should deactivate your account immediately. By deactivating your account, trading and withdrawals will be temporarily suspended and the permission of all devices that have access to your account will be removed.

4. Be Careful About Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a type of attack in which cyber attackers impersonate another person (i.e. a company) to steal your personal information. You have to be very careful against phishing attacks, since it is one of the most common types of attacks. Bookmarking our Cointral website while logging into your Cointral.com account will protect you from fake websites.

Another security application in Cointral is Anti-Phishing. The Anti-Phishing code you specify is an additional layer of security that ensures that the e-mails sent about your account are sent from Cointral. Your Anti-Phishing code must contain a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 20 characters of letters and numbers.

In this article, we explained how you can make your Cointral account more secure. You can safely trade by following these steps. You can get information about fraudulent activities by taking a look at our article “5 Bitcoin Fraud Activities You Should Watch Out For”. For more information, you can reach us from our social media accounts, or get all kinds of support from our branches. Sign up now to make transactions with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and over 200 pairs of cryptocurrencies.

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