Bitcoin Guide

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Bitcoin Guide

We have prepared this article to provide a roadmap for those who have never heard of Bitcoin before and wish to join this system. We will talk about how to start using Bitcoin, what sites to follow, resources to be used. Have a pleasant reading.

BTC Wallet

To start using Bitcoin, you first need to have a personal Bitcoin wallet. You can obtain one at

Downloading the wallet application from this site according to the features of your device will be the best way to start. Before you use crypto money exchanges, it is very important to have a wallet with private key only under your control.

Bitcoin News Feeds

You have chosen the most suitable wallet and made your investment. It is very important to conduct market research and keep up to date with the coins you have. If you speak English, you will have many options as source. But if you do not speak English, some Turkish sources are available as well. Great English sources: Coindesk, Newsbtc, Cointelegraph, CCNews, Bitcoinst, Coinspeaker, Cointral.

Although these sites generally share current news, they also include informative articles. You can find up to date information and publications at Turkish sources like and

Cryptocurrency Forums

In addition to news sites, forums and discussion groups on cryptocurrency are useful for obtaining further information. You can be involved in discussions in forums, get informed about previously discussed topics, or you can get the opinion of others  about topics you want to learn. There are so many forum sites, but only some of them are very helpful such as Bitcointalk and the Bitcoin section of Reddit.

If your English is not good enough, you may find it helpful to use the Turkish version of In addition, the Coin System part of the R10 is active. In these forums you will benefit from communicating and sharing with cryptocurrency users.

Bitcoin Chart Indicators

Once you understand Bitcoin’s logic, you will need to learn the supply-demand relationship and its key indicators regarding its price and value. There are many websites that share this kind of information, here are the most simple and understandable ones for you.

Coinmarketcap is the Wikipedia of all the crypto coins; you can watch the tables, graphs and volume information transiently. Sites such as Bitcoinaverage, Cryptocompare, and Bitcoincharts will initially be quite useful.

Bitcoin Exchanges Once you have an in-depth knowledge of coins after above steps, this will be the most important part for you. Cryptocurrency trading transactions are done through cryptocurrency exchanges. The cryptocurrency exchanges are the only platform where cryptocurrency users can change or sell their investments.

Although these sites are a bit complicated, it is one of the most key parts of the system. Most used Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges are Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bitstamp and Huobi. There are also cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey where you can evaluate investment alternatives. BTCTurk and Paribu may be used as alternatives although they are low in volume compared to international stock exchanges

Investment information, comments and recommendations contained herein are not included in the scope of investment advisory. Therefore, making an investment decision based solely on the information and comments contained herein may not produce results that are in line with your expectations.