Bitcoin Has Seen This Price For The First Time In The Last 5 Months!

Cointral Marketing Manager
Bitcoin Has Seen This Price For The First Time In The Last 5 Months!

The price of Bitcoin fell by $ 500 in a short time on October 23, 2019, with the markets experiencing a sharp shock and entered a downward trend.

Bitcoin fell from the $ 8,000 band that he had been holding for so long!

With Coin360 data, Bitcoin traders recorded panic movements on Wednesday, with the BTC / USD parity dropping from $ 7,950 to $ 7,450 in 5 minutes.

While the exact cause of the downturn is not known, the negative impact on the price of the seller’s panic as a result of sudden movements is clearly seen on Coin360 data.

As we reported earlier, the BTC / USD parity tended to rise on Tuesday, failing to exceed $ 8,300, and temporarily return to $ 7,000 before recovering.

Since then, gains have been lost, and Bitcoin has returned to levels of $ 7,500 that it has not seen since mid-May.

The loss in Altcoins is big!

The big drop in bitcoin has also affected other cryptocurrencies. When we look at the 20 cryptocurrencies with the highest market value, we see a decline of 6% to 8%.

The total depreciation in the cryptocurrency market is very serious. The total market value, which was at $ 219 billion last week, fell to $ 209 billion, with a significant impairment loss of $ 10 billion.

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