What is Hedge Coin (HEDG)?

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What is Hedge Coin (HEDG)?

What is HedgeTrade (HEDG)?

The CEO of HedgeTrade, which is described as “social investment platform”, is David Waslen. David Waslen is partnered by Peter Danihel, an expert in application development. As we have described above, this platform defines itself as a social investment platform. Thanks to the platform, users have the opportunity to share their information and investment advices with other users on the platform. Hedge Coin, the currency of the HedgeTrade platform, aims to add innovations to the field of social investment with Blockchain technology.

According to the manifesto of HedgeTrade, the platform is designed so that all users can act as investors in global standards. HedgeTrade users have the freedom to use this platform easily, regardless of whether they are a professional investor or a new investor. In addition, there is no need to use a special device on the platform. You can easily use HedgeTrade on any device.

Another feature of the platform is the sharing of market information and data in real time. In this way, investors have instant access to prices and information. This feature is an important advantage because we know how important the concept of time is in the cryptocurrencyy market.

Speculations in the cryptocurrency market can be misleading. HedgeTrade seems to have developed a successful way to avoid these speculations. HedgeTrade has created a reward system for users based on whether or not the predictions are realized. Thus, more accurate predictions are shared within the platform. This feature is realized with Smart Contract.

How HedgeTrade Works

At HedgeTrade, investors publish their predictions on the Smart Contract based Blueprint platform. Users pay to access these published estimates. Payments are made with the HEDG token, the token of the HedgeTrade platform. Users will be rewarded if the predictions made on the Blockchain-based Blueprint system are correct. Users who want to access the estimates by paying money will be refunded if the prediction is not realized.

Accordingly, users are only paid if their estimates are correct. Other users can publish the same estimates to gain reward.

Buy Hedge Coin (HEDG)

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