Withdrawal on Huobi

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Withdrawal on Huobi

Huobi is a stock exchange company established in 2013 with headquarters in China and offices in countries such as Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and the USA. We have provided guidance on how to transfer digital assets to Huobi with our articles “Purchase Bitcoin on Huobi” and Purchase Ethereum on Huobi”. In this article, we will explain how to withdraw money from Huobi. There is no withdrawal transaction on Huobi OTC today. You can transfer your cryptocurrency to Huobi Pro first and then withdraw it from Huobi Global.

How to withdraw money from Huobi

• You must first transfer your digital assets from Huobi OTC to Huobi Pro. In order to transfer your BTC, ETH, USDT or HT tokens from OTC to the Exhange account, you can select transfer from OTC Account to your Exchange account. Then confirm your transfer.

• After completing the transfer, you can check the Huobi OTC Balances section to check your balance.

• After the transaction, you can see the OTC and account balances on the “Balances” page.

In this article, we have explained how to withdraw money from Huobi. If you want to buy cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether with credit card or cash, Cointral provides you with the best price and convenience. If you want to learn more about Binance, one of the world-famous cryptocurrency exchanges, you can check our articles “Buy Bitcoin”, “Deposit on Binance” and “Withdrawal from Binance” on our blog.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Cointral

It is quite simple to buy Bitcoin with a credit card via Cointral. We have visually explained the process step by step.

To purchase Bitcoin with Cointral, you must first click on “Online Transactions” tab at online.cointral.com.

Select “Buy Crypto With Card” on the page to purchase Bitcoin with credit card. By specifying the amount of BTC you will purchase, you must enter your wallet address on the stock exchanges.

Once you have determined the amount of Bitcoin you will request for purchase, you must enter your credit card, invoice and personal information in the second step.

Once you have entered your card, invoice and personal information, you will need to complete the two-step verification to continue your Bitcoin purchase. You can proceed to the next stage by performing the verification procedures with your mobile phone number and e-mail address you previously entered.

After the verification process, you can press continue.

After the verification process is completed, you are asked to attach a photo of your Passport, ID or Driver’s license. However, you must pay attention to three criteria when uploading the photo.

1.            All four corners of the photo should be visible.

2.            The information in the photo should be readable.

3.            Flash photos should not be uploaded.

Your Bitcoin purchase is successfully completed.

As you can see in the above steps, buying Bitcoin with credit card through Cointral is quite easy.

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