12 percent of USDT on the market was produced by Tron!

Cointral Marketing Manager
12 percent of USDT on the market was produced by Tron!

The amount of Tether released by the tron blockchain was 12 percent of the total USDT.

$ 100 million in one day

The TRC20-based USDTs issued in April reached 490 million supply on October 25, reaching 4.1 billion in circulation, that is to say reached 12 of the total USDT.

According to a statement issued by the Tron Foundation on October 25, 100 million new TRC20-based USDT were produced and the total supply rose to 490 million.

Another 40 million USDT from the new swap

Whale Alert, which provides tracking services, recorded a large TRC20-based USDT transaction that took place on October 25. Then came the announcement that 40 million new USDT had been produced by Tether Treasury.

Tether had produced 300 million new USDT in a chain transfer from Bitcoin-based Omni to Ethereum ERC-20 in mid-September.

Tron and Tether firstly announced this partnership in March, On April 16, they produced the first TRC20-based USDT.

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