Bitcoin Price Hits $9000

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Bitcoin Price Hits $9000

Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is priced over $9,000. With the uptrend in the cryptocurrency market, almost all cryptocurrencies are on the rise.

With the price increase of Bitcoin, it can be observed that the bulls regained control. Traded at $9,000 last week, Bitcoin decreased to the $8,200 levels with a quick retreat.

It Might be Bull Run

Cryptocurrencies, gaining a good momentum with the opening of Asian markets, continued their movement in the uptrend all day long. Bitcoin, priced over $9,000 early in the morning, saw $9,150 momentarily. Then, the cryptocurrency recovered and managed to hold the 8.960s levels. According to analysts, this point was the level of resistance.

According to some analysts, $9,200 stands out as a critical level for Bitcoin to continue its rise. They think that the $9,200 band is critical, with this level exceeded, the new targets are thought to be $9,500, $9,600, $9,965 and $10,540.

According to CoinmarketCap data, Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a 4% rise in the last 24 hours and is priced at $8,988. Ethereum (ETH), on the other hand, has experienced a remarkable rise, though not as drastic as Bitcoin. Ethereum (ETH) has buyers at $171.92 with a 2.52% load. Although Ripple made a positive start to the day, it could not met the expectations. Maintaining its third place in terms of market volume, it experienced a 1.95% increase and is traded at $ 0.23.

The best performance of the day was Cardano’s (ADA)

Cardano stood out as the fastest rising cryptocurrency. According to CoinmarketCap data, the cryptocurrency, ranking tenth in terms of volume, experienced an increase of 16.53%. Increasing its market value to $ 1.32 billion, Cardano now constitutes 0.50% of the total market.

The cryptocurrency, which was worth $ 1.35 in January 2018, suffered a serious decline and dropped to $ 0.26. Gaining a good momentum in recent days, it went up to $ 0.41 last week. Will Cardano (ADA), continuing its rise this week, be able to return to its old days? We will see together.

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