Ethereum Rises 15% and Hits $250

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Ethereum Rises 15% and Hits $250

Having closed 2019 at $130, Ethereum made a wonderful start to 2020. Ethereum, which climbed swiftly to the $200 level, rose 14.92% to $250.65 on February 12, 2020. Ethereum, which wandered around $252 in the morning of Wednesday, continues its upward trend. This rise of Ethereum was recorded as the biggest daily increase after January 14, 2020.

With the rise of Ethereum, the market value also increased. Ethereum’s market value has reached $27,481,829,662. The highest market value for Ethereum cryptocurrency is set at $135.58B.

Ethereum was traded between the bands of $218.94-$250.60 in a 24-hour period.

When we look at Ethereum’s weekly performance, it has experienced an increase of approximately 30.12% in the seven-day period. Ethereum pleased its users by trading between $ 190.0521 and $250.2437 levels in the past seven days.

Developments in Other Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency markets are in a major uptrend. Not only Ethereum, but many cryptocurrencies are experiencing huge rises. The leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is trading at $10,328.40, rising by 5.85%.

Ripple (XRP) has become one of the rising cryptocurrencies like other cryptocurrencies. It gained 7.45% and was trading at the level of $0.29013 before it started to rise again. XRP was traded between the bands of $ 0.263939-$0.290113 over a 24-hour period.

Tezos rose 27.02% to $3.32. Other cryptocurrencies, such as the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are also on the rise. We’ll see how long this bullish trend will last? If you want to follow the news about cryptocurrencies, you can follow us on our website or our social media channels.

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