Good Days are on the Horizon for Ethereum

Cointral Marketing Manager
Good Days are on the Horizon for Ethereum

Famous researcher and writer Eric Conner announced that the Ethereum price could start a bull run in the short and long term. According to Conner, six milestones will provide a serious increase in Ethereum’s price in the coming year:

Rapid rise in decentralized finance (De-Fi)

Security solutions developed in Mainnet

Second layer scaling

Ethereum 2.0 launch

Ethereum 2.0 superior monetary policy

The struggle of competitors about the growth of Ethereum

If these six critical points are successfully surpassed, the second largest crypto, according to CoinmarketCap data, will have taken an important step towards more reliable processing of data.

DeFi was one of the most popular crypto technologies of 2019. According to the data released by DefiPule, more than 3.1 million ETHs are on DeFi applications. Scalability, proper use of ETH 2.0 and monetary policy are very important for DeFi to become more efficient. Thanks to DeFi, many financial products such as loans, payments and derivatives will be easily provided on the Ethereum network.

There is an urgent solution to the scalability problem

Scalability is one of the most important issues of DeFi. For example, data that should remain confidential, such as payment information, can be processed into a chain. As the number of users increases, the network may slow down. Unless the question of monetary policy and innovations emerging in Ethereum 2.0 has not been clearly explained and any solution will be provided to the scalability problem, Ethereum may experience problems due to the use of DeFi.

Considering that Ethereum will be a priority for DeFi in the coming years, scalability is one of the main problems and needs to be improved as much as monetary policy and all other elements.

Conner stated that Ethereum is a community that is strong enough to meet all the demands that can be received by DeFi. The best Blockchain smart contract protocol available on the global market will remain.

Compared to smaller blockchain networks with tighter developer communities and well-financed operations, Ethereum is often more difficult to recommend change, implement it , and integrate it into the blockchain.

The same problem applies to any major Blockchain networks, including Bitcoin. Therefore, it can be assumed that Ethereum is disadvantageous compared to smaller Blockchain networks at the speed of implementing new changes.

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