Justin Sun Invests in Poloniex!

Cointral Marketing Manager
Justin Sun Invests in Poloniex!

Justin Sun, who has previously denied the allegations in his remarks on the matter, announced yesterday that he was investing in the cryptocurrency exchange Polyniex.

Tron company Chief Executive Justin Sun said he was part of the investor group that recently acquired Poloniex, one of the market’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, from Fintek company Circle. The Sun had previously denied those allegations and said they were unfounded.

Speaking in a live broadcast on Twitter, Sun stated that the stock market had more than one investor and that he was one of those individuals independent of the Tron Foundation.

The Poloniex exchange, founded in 2014, was sold to Circle early last year for $ 400 million. The stock market, which at one time held half the cryptocurrency market, was experiencing sustained volume losses before its sale to circle. When we look at the time circle took out the stock market, it is known that it has a share of only 1% of the whole market.

“Poloniex is one of the largest exchanges in the sector, ” The Sun said in a statement. I think the platform will grow more and more day by day. he said, ” and to ensure that Tron and the stock market can do things together and to ensure that, he said, Tron and the stock market could do things together.

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