The Moment Has Arrived for Bitcoin Investors

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The Moment Has Arrived for Bitcoin Investors

Su Zhu, CEO of Three Arrows Capital, the cryptocurrency investment fund, made striking comments about Bitcoin. Highlighting the $4,800 and $6,000 levels in the short term, Zhu emphasized that the chances of reaching the $50,000 target in the long term are very high for the leading cryptocurrency.

Referring to the Fed’s $700 billion expansion policy, Zhu said in a statement this has made the United States’ inflationary structure more rigid and that it is almost impossible to bounce back. Given the current situation and economic conditions in the world, the famous fund manager predicts that Bitcoin can reach the $50,000 target if it maintains its current position.

Zhu made the following statements in his speech:

This is theoretically the time awaited by Bitcoin investors. Emerging markets are currently priced at a high risk of debt. The US Dollar is on an inflationary path and return is almost impossible. If Bitcoin holds at these levels, it is possible to hit $50,000.

The famous investor predicted that it would not be a surprise that Bitcoin, traded at $7,000 levels last January, would see the $9,000 levels before the end of the month, and Bitcoin had risen above $9,000 in January, as Zhu predicted.

Investors saw the fall as an opportunity to buy

According to the statement made by Simplex, a company that produces solutions that facilitates the purchase of cryptocurrencies by using fiat money, investors considered the sharp decline last week as an opportunity to buy and there was a serious increase in crypto money sales.

According to the data reported by Simplex, the most demanded cryptocurrency was Bitcoin with 59.8%, while Tether followed Bitcoin with 12.4%. Ethereum sales remained at 9.7 %. Ripple, the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of market value, could not get in the top 3 of the list.

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