What is a Crypto Wallet?

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What is a Crypto Wallet?

Applications that manage public and private keys are called crypto wallets. Crypto wallets are not designed to hold your crypto money inside, but are designed to give you access to your crypto money. It uses two keys to secure the use and security of your cryptocurrency. These are called Public Key and Private Key.

All wallets have private keys stored in their files. Keys use cryptography and mathematics. Anyone with a private key has control over the fund.

The biggest difference of a crypto wallet from a traditional electronic wallet is that it does not store your cryptocurrency in one place. The crypto wallet gives you access to records in different Blockchains with your public and private keys.

Crypto coins are kept in a special structure called Blockchain. To put it briefly, when someone sends you crypto money from another address, the person signs your wallet address. A new block is created in Blockchain, it receives confirmation and your wallet shows the data from the Blockchain and your new balance.

There are three basic ways to store crypto coins. These include:

Paper Wallet: It is the name given to the wallets created by storing the private key information with old methods.

Desktop or Mobile Wallets: It is relatively easy to use, but it is less secure in terms of security, although it is easy to control these wallets with applications that you will install on your phone or computer.

Hardware Wallet: Devices produced to store certain crypto coins are called hardware wallets. The safest storage method known is hardware wallets.

If you keep your cryptocurrency in a stock exchange, you are not responsible for your private key.

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