What is Stratis (STRAT Coin)?

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What is Stratis (STRAT Coin)?

Stratis (STRAT Coin) can be defined as the Blockchain platform designed for companies in the financial sector. With the innovative benefits of Blockchain technology, companies can benefit from Stratis to achieve growth in their ventures or to provide a perfect service to their users.

How Stratis Works

Stratis aims to simplify development processes by enabling companies to create applications with Blockchain infrastructure specific to them. Stratis also produces projects that contribute to expanding the scope of Blockchain technology.

Stratis allows different types of blockchains to be created by third parties in its own network. The Stratis Blockchain infrastructure provides a variety of configurations that can be tailored to user requirements. In addition, some customers have access to side chains.

They can also connect to the side chains created in the Stratis network for the convenience of companies and have the opportunity to launch unique Blockchain applications.

What is STRAT Coin?

Stratis (STRAT) is the cryptocurrency produced by the Stratis platform. STRAT aims to make this cryptocurrency safe and secure for those who want easy and inexpensive transactions with the help of Blockchain technology over Stratis network.

STRAT offers different services to its users in addition to cost-effective transactions. STRAT, providing consultancy and assistance services to its users, advises companies about what features they should use while using Blockchain technology and about application issues.

Buy STRAT Coin

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