$152,000 Claim for Bitcoin from the Famous Analyst

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$152,000 Claim for Bitcoin from the Famous Analyst

Crypto Bull, a famous analyst on Twitter, is doing research on the Bitcoin price hike in January. According to the analyst, it is a matter of course for BTC to reach $152,000 if it continues to rise at the same pace.

A $152,000 Scenario for Bitcoin!

Due to the halving in May 2020, Bitcoin awaits a major uptrend. This will slow down the speed of crypto coins expected to enter the market. Crypto Bull, popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, said that the BTC rise in January should increase on the same percentage every month, reaching a peak in December.

The famous analyst Crypto Bull on Twitter is also on the market as a crypto bull. The analyst said that BTC rose 32% in January. If Bitcoin continues appreciating at this level every month, it is expected to reach $152,000 in December 2020.

The famous analyst posted another tweet to support his previous one. In this tweet, he reminded that in 2017, Bitcoin started with $960 and increased to $20,000 in December. He reiterated that this scenario is very likely to happen with a 32% growth every month.

Bitcoin gains are the definition of madness.

Step Back in the Historic Prediction Record of $1 Million!

Many Bitcoin price estimates have been made to date. John McAfee, the owner of the highest of these estimates of $ 1 million, stepped back in his prediction. It attracted the attention of many people after the promise that Bitcoin will reach $1 million until December 31, 2020, and if it does not, it will permanently damage itself. However, in McAfee’s latest statements, he announced that this prediction was to direct new cryptocurrency users to the market and that this situation has reached its purpose.

Cryptocurrencies made a good start to 2020. As of today, Bitcoin is wandering about $9,345. In the coming days, we will wait and see how realistic the predictions of crypto analysts are. You can browse our news page for current crypto news or follow us on our social media channels.

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