Famous Analyst: “You Will Regret Not Buying Ethereum At This Price!”

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Famous Analyst: “You Will Regret Not Buying Ethereum At This Price!”

Josh Rager, one of the most popular analysts in the cryptocurrency industry, made striking claims about Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency by market value. According to the statements made by Josh Rager, Ethereum’s $200 level is actually a very low price.

ETH bulls have been very active since the beginning of 2020. However, in the past week, it took action again. That’s why, Ethereum breaks the resistance points that it could not break before, one by one. Ethereum, which was around $209 as of February, 6, 2020, activated the market.

Ethereum at $200 is basically a Gift!

Ethereum had been trying to keep the $200 level as a resistance point for 5 months. The fact that Ethereum has risen above $200 in recent days has proved Josh Rager right. According to Rager, the $200 price is 85% behind the record price of $1,400 in 2018.

There are a few details that Josh Rager connects to the rise of Ethereum. Rager stated that he believes that both the technology used by Ethereum and the price potential in the long term are high. It is estimated that many projects will not be able to hold in the sector in the winter period in the crypto money market. When we look at the developments such as DeFİ applications in strong networks like Ethereum, Ethereum is likely to experience a big rise.

Ethereum’s Future Is Sound

Future projects of Ethereum also support this situation. Famous researcher Eric Conner stated that the price of Ethereum is able to start a bull run, short and long term. Ethereum is expected to experience a serious increase with the projects to be carried out next year.

The expected developments in Ethereum are as follows:

Rapid rise in decentralized finance (De-Fi)

Security solutions developed in Mainnet

Second layer scaling

Ethereum 2.0 launch

Ethereum 2.0 superior monetary policy

The struggle of competitors about the growth of Ethereum

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